Why should you check out Quicko Wallet? Because it's the first app in this galaxy capable of taking you into the world of space-age payments. By starting with us now, you will also gain access to a lot of innovative features coming in the near future.

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By joining the Quicko Wallet mission, you gain:

Wirtualna karta Quicko

Free use of ATMs within the European Union

Switching from regular payment services to Quicko Wallet can be compared to swapping a low-cost airline for a rocket traveling through the galaxy.

While others fly away with extreme fees for accessing your own money abroad, we don't take a penny for using ATMs in other EU countries! Only withdrawals from such machines located domestically may be charged a small fee.

The safest way to pay on the Internet

Yes, we know that there are other payment methods. We are also aware that there are banks that provides a good security of the funds entrusted to them. At Quicko Wallet, every transaction can be cancelled and the card can be used only once. We're also working on a special insurance so you can be 100% sure that no one deceives you while you're using our service. 

We wouldn't offer you a rocket flight if we weren't confident in our security!

Przelewy międzynarodowe Quicko

The cheapest foreign payments in the galaxy

We are driven by transparency and simple billing. You only pay the equivalent of 1% total amount for currency conversion.

We do not charge monthly fees. Nor will you face any hidden costs.

As you travel through the galaxy of foreign payments, you are bound to come across solutions that look cheaper at first glance.

Remember, however, that when a bank gives you something for free, elsewhere it takes it back. We don’t follow such practices.

Płatności zbliżeniowe Quicko Płatności zbliżeniowe Quicko

Quicko payment wristband - coming soon to our offer!

Run, burn calories, count calories and monitor your sleep. Our wristband connected to the application allows you to stay in good shape.

Zamów opaskę płatniczą

Quicko QR payments

Do you want to make a bank transfer? You don't have to go through your bank's website to enter the necessary data. Simply use Quicko QR Payments to send your funds to the indicated address in the blink of an eye.

Płatności QR Quicko